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Ring of Honor plant Streaming Service

BeitragVerfasst: 10. Nov 2017 22:22
von Voltan
CBS Local Sports berichtet auf ihrer Website, dass Ring of Honor für das erste Quartal einen Streamingservice plant, der via Browser und auf Mobile Device mit iOS und Android, Apple TV, Android TV und Roku verfügbar sein wird.

ROH isn’t just on the cusp of significant traditional media growth, they are also taking a large step forward in the digital realm. After once shunning the idea, they are now developing a subscriber-based streaming network. In some ways it will function like WWE Network, but it will also be uniquely Ring Of Honor. The service will be available online and as a mobile app for Android and iOS operating systems. The content will also be available on Roku with plans for Apple TV and Android TV as well.

he last time you and I spoke, you said there were no plans to do an additional streaming service; you were pretty happy with what was currently available on your website. But now, there are. What changed?

Yeah, we have an app coming out in the first quarter. It really became developmentally the right time to do it. We saw an opportunity. We had a long discussion about it. We looked at the business model and how it impacts our business. We just felt that this was the time to create our own Ring of Honor stream.

What can fans expect?

You’re going to see an enhanced Honor Club. We tested it during the Global Wars Tour of streaming house shows to ringside members. You’re going to see a lot more content available, not only to everybody, but certainly in that Honor Club. [When we tested] streaming for two shows, our response was terrific from a quality standpoint and from an accessibility standpoint.

Dazu konnten sie mit ROH COO Joe Koff sprechen über dessen ersten Auftritt in ROH TV in 2 Wochen, die Geschichte zwischen der wwe und den Young Bucks, das PPV-Modell und die Beziehung zu NJPW und mehr.

Den ganzen Artikel und das Interview findet ihr unter dem folgenden Link ... ign=buffer

Re: Ring of Honor plant Streaming Service

BeitragVerfasst: 11. Nov 2017 14:21
von Voltan
Bin ja schon gespannt über weitere Details wie das Angebot, den Preis und natürlich das Startdatum. Tippe mal auf 2. Hälfte März kann man gleich Supercard of Honor am 7. April 2018 mithypen.

Re: Ring of Honor plant Streaming Service

BeitragVerfasst: 1. Jan 2018 20:12
von Voltan
Wird wohl nicht mehr lange dauern bis es erste Informationen zum Honor Club gibt. In der aktuellen TV Ausgabe teaste Ring of Honor mehrmals. :cool: